COLORCOAT Automatic Glass Color Coating Machine

COLORCOAT automatic glass colour coating machine is designed special for batch process of glass colour coating.

  • Horizontal automatic paint spray system, able to process both big glass sheet and small glass pieces
  • Central control system made up of CPU and electrical system
  • Built-in self-clean system, easy and convenient to clean whole coating system when paint colour is changed
  • 2-tier air filter system, designed with environmental protection concept; only non-dust air flows in and out of coating room
  • Linear motion and compressed air system control the paint spray gun during reciprocate coating
  • Paint fluid output and paint spray gun working width is adjustable, allowing paint pump to automatically cope with fluid output.
  • Super fine and even colour coating quality, cost effective and high efficiency
Technical Description
Technical Data Model
ITCC2518 ITCC3422 ITCC3625
Glass Size 2500 x 1800mm 3400 x 2200mm 3600 x 2500mm
Glass Thickness 3-50mm 3-50mm 3-50mm
Transport Speed 1.5-10m/min 1.5-10m/min 1.5-10m/min
Power 7.5kW 8.5kW 10.5kW
Gun 1 1 1
Working Pressure 6bar 6bar 6bar
Air Consumption 350L/min 350L/min 350L/min
Compressor Power 2.2kW 2.2kW 2.2kW
Fluid Output 270ml/min 270ml/min 270ml/min
Overall Dimensions 7000 x 2100 x H1500mm 7900 x 2800 x H1500mm 8100 x 3100 x H1500mm
Total Machine Weight 3.8T 4.2T 4.8T