ITGS 2300 / ITGS 2600 Automatic Sandblast Machine

The automatic sandblast machine is specially designed for glass processing. The machine body is solid structure, powder coated and environmental friendly. It built in self-cleaning dust filter provided with 9 filter bags. The dust clouds created by the sand-blasting process are captured automatically during the work cycle by special filter bags and are then discharged automatically into the appropriate container positioned underneath the filter. The cabin, inside, is covered by a special rubber, so to prevent damage of the structure and also reduces noise during the operation. machine is control led by SIEMENS CPU and electrical system, which is used to set program store memory , the machine can be operated automatically or manually, It supplies 3 automatic guns and 1 manual gun. Nozzle is made of a special metal for long working life.

Technical Description
Speed 1m2=3-4min
Maximum Glass Size 2300/2600mm
Minimum Glass Size 200 x 200mm
Glass Thickness 3-50mm
Power 4kW
Power Supply 415V 50hz +/-5%
Compressed Air Consumption 2000L/min or 20 horsepower
Working Pressure 5-8bar
Number of Hoses 9
Aspirator Delivery 700m3/h
Abrasive Material Aluminium Oxide
Overall Dimensions 7160×1350×H3100mm
Dust Collector 760 × 760 × H3240mm
Total Machine Weight 1500kg / 1700kg
Dust Collector Weight 350kg
Gun Auto 2pcs
Manual 1pc